Congratulations to all these NT88 athletes who have signed to continue their softball career in college!

"I want to congratulate this 2017 senior class for all the hard work and efforts they've put in over the years. I know they will perform at a high level at the next level,  stay focused and win everyday." -Nadia Taylor

Bryson Blinco


Class of 2017

Rese Wyatt

University of Houston

Class of 2017

Tevane Tate

Texas Southern University

Class of 2017

Joely Williamson

Utah State University

Class of 2017

Kiele Miller

Creighton University

Class of 2017

"I've worked with Bryson for 3 years has great mindset at the plate and adjust really well a solid overall player."

-Nadia Taylor

"Rese I've had for 5 years and I've seen this athlete come from very little power to dropping some major bombs a solid hitter. Great defender." -Nadia Taylor

"Tevane I've worked with for 3 years and is a suburb athlete and has many Intangibles as a power hitter. Overall great athlete." -Nadia Taylor

"Joely I've had her since she was a freshman and now she's senior and she's made some huge strides as a true power hitter. She has an impeccable work ethic overall."

-Nadia Taylor

"Kiele I've worked with her for 4 years she's has solid hand high hand coordination can hit any pitch out of the park. One of the best pitchers around." -Nadia Taylor

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